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State of the Library 2020

Holy Spirit Research Center Infographic

HSRC Update

Finding Aid for Uncataloged HSRC Periodicals

As of August 2019, the Holy Spirit Research Center holds an estimated 1,200 periodical titles from the historic Pentecostal and Charismatic Movement. At present, 600 of these are accessible via the Library’s online catalog, but over 400 remain uncataloged. This is not counting several other titles that have yet to be inventoried. Until they are cataloged, a list has been created to serve as a finding aid for these previously invisible titles.

opens new windowFinding Aid for Uncataloged HSRC Periodicals

HSRC 2019 Highlights: Acquisition of New Digitization and Preservation Equipment

Two words are at the forefront of the mind of Holy Spirit Research Center Director, Dr. Daniel Isgrigg, these days: digitization and preservation. For several years, the HSRC has been working to digitize materials to share with the global Spirit-empowered movement on ORU’s Digital Showcase. This effort has been successful, but even more important than showcasing HSRC holdings is the race against time.

As an archival collection, much of the audio and video material in the HSRC has reached the half-century mark and is at risk. The ORU HSRC and Archives contain over 10,000 reel-to-reel tapes of sermons, conferences, and other recordings that are quickly aging as well as several hundred videotapes of ORU events in pre-VHS media that cannot be watched or converted with the equipment currently in hand. This leaves tens of thousands of hours of materials in accessible to researchers and keeps these collections at risk. To preserve these materials, the HSRC must convert the media in dated formats to digital media. But that process requires having the necessary vintage equipment to do so.

With some expert and generous help from a few friends, the HSRC has acquired two machines that will allow the Center to undertake this monumental task of digitizing the older media holdings. The first is an AKAI four-track reel-to-reel player that can be used to convert the massive trust of reel-to-reel collections including sermons from leaders in the Charismatic Renewal and ORU institutional history as well as the Edna Jean Horn Radio Collection. The second is a Sony 3/4 U-Matic video player that can convert 1970's and 1980's videos related to ORU history.  Now that the equipment is in hand, Dr. Isgrigg asks friends of HSRC to continue to pray that the labor and other resources needed to preserve this material for future generations will be forthcoming.

Equipment to Digitize Older Media

Other HSRC Highlights

  • Began digitization of “Edna Jean Horn Collection” of over 300 radio broadcasts by a female Pentecostal evangelist who was on the air for over fifty years.
  • Created a Library Guide for Spirit-empowered Living class.
  • Conducted an assessment of current University Archives and created a comprehensive plan for future HSRC and University Archives in conjunction with proposed new library.

HSRC Printer-Scanner

  • The Canon printer-scanner in LINC that was replaced by the Wēpa wireless printer was moved to the HSRC (Holy Spirit Research Center), making the printing of materials there much more convenient.

Scanner-Copier Installed in HSRC